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The foundation

FASTER : Foundation for Advanced Spinal Technologies, Education and Research

The FASTER foundation was created in 2014 by Dr Antonio Faundez (Chairman), Prof. Jean-Charles Le Huec (treasurer), and Dr Victoria Duthon (Members of the Board).

The foundation is a non-profit organization. Its main objective is to support postgraduate training of spinal surgeons and other specialists involved in the treatment of spinal pathologies. It is also designed to finance research positions and research projects related to the development of treatments or new technologies applicable to spinal pathologies.

Since 2010, the foundation organizes an annual course teaching the principles of sagittal balance analysis in Geneva. This course was born of Dr Faundez and Prof Le Huec’s specific and shared interest in a principle of analysis which has proven to be essential in therapeutic reflexion for all kinds spine disorders, mainly of the lumbar spine.

Dr. Faundez is based in Geneva, he shares his time between Hôpital de la Tour in Meyrin, the Geneva University Hospitals. He is a nationally renowned expert in sagittal balance of the spine.
Prof. Jean-Charles Huec is based at the Bordeaux University Hospitals, where he directs the Spine II unit. He is a nationally and internationally recognized expert in spinal surgery and sagittal balance. Both have participated and organized several courses in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia. They also co-authored several scientific publications.

The FASTER foundation is based in Carouge, Switzerland.